VIP Entry tickets for WCh Zofingen 2017

by / / Powerman

Powerman Zofingen announced to offer also in 2017 a VIP entry ticket to all top 3 ranked athletes of all age groups in any Powerman race worldwide. The winner of a VIP entry ticket can profit from an special entry rate and has a guaranteed start place, if he register and pay the entry fee within 10 days from the day of his podium ranking. The ticket can not be tranferred to a later year.

«With these exclusive tickets we want to honor the top performances of many age group athletes all over the world and give them a support to participate in the Powerman World Championships» says Stefan Ruf, President of IPA World Championships Zofingen. The 29th edition of the most famous Duathlon of the world will take place 3rd September 2017 in Switzerland.

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