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Emma Pooley, the British lady living in Hausen am Albis in the canton Zurich and the Belgian Seppe Odeyn won on Sunday at the 28th Powerman Zofingen the 2016 ITU Powerman Long Distance Duathlon World Championships. Pooley sets a new record: She wins the world championship title for the third time in a row. There was no new track record this year. In the women’s race Emma Pooley/GBR (1.), Nina Brenn/CH (2.) and Susanne Svendsen/DEN (3.) made it for the podium. In the men’s race Seppe Odeyn/BEL (1.), Felix Köhler/GER (2.) and Søren Bystrup/DEN (3.) stepped on the podium. Over all there where around 1‘400 competitors over the whole Powerman Zofingen weekend which was about the same amount as last year.

«Soon I’ll reward meyself with walking holidays in the Pyrenees and tonight a glace of good red wine and some Swiss cheese aside», Emma Pooley said when she crossed the finishing line in Zofingen for the third time in a row as the winner of the world championships – a new record! This could have done also Gaël Le Bellec but the Frenchman could not start because of an injury.


Pooley was very strong on the bike where she was almost 20 minutes faster than the ladys just behind her. «I knew how big my lead was. Towards the end of the last running section I had to walk a bit to avoid falling on the floor. That I became now world champion for the third time in a row is unbelievable.»

Impressive performance

Nina Brenn, coming in second, was talking of an impressive performance of Pooley. «I made my own race and my goal was to finish», so the Swiss lady who got her first medal in Zofingen. «When Emma Pooley attact on the bike, I had no chance to follow her, but now I know what I have to do better next year», said Brenn. Third became Susanne Svendsen from Denmark. Over a long time the Swiss Martina Krähenbühl was third, but once again the Swiss lady had to give up the race on the last running section.


Modest Odeyn

After the area Vansteelant/Woestenborghs with Seppe Odeyn another powerman from Belgium stepped on top of the podium. «I want to finish in the Top-20», he said just before the race. «For me it was a perfect race and a wonderful day», he said after having crossed the finishing line first. It was his first victory in Zofingen at his third appearance. 5 minutes behind him came the German Felix Köhler. Third place went, once again, to the Dane Søren Bystrup. Best Swiss racer was Andy Sutz who won the Powerman Zofingen twice.



Best race ever

Very lucky was John Raadschelders, the president oft he IPA (International Powerman Association). «These were the best world championships ever, everything was perfect!» Also very pleased with the Powerman Zofingen weekend was Stefan Ruf, the president oft he local organising committee: «We had around 1‘400 people starting which is about the same as last year. Especially the Powerman CHARITY was a big success because with 200 participants we could double the number of last year. I was very lucky that Natascha Badmann, the six times Ironman Hawaii winner was doing the 5 km run as well.»

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