European champions Felix Köhler (D) and Kristina Ziemons (D) win the Powerman Germany and become German champions.

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The second Powerman Duathlon in Germany 2017 has hosted some 200 participants. Ulm was again the open German championship on the long distance Duathlon, which was decided around the river Danube. Felix Köhler (GER, TV Grenzach) won the long distance (10 km of running, 80 km of bike, 20 km of running) in 3: 48: 00.0 hours, thereby securing his first title as German champion. Köhler was hard pressed by german fellow Matthias Knossalla (Trivolution Action Crew / Wiesbaden). With the fastest cycling time, he nearly catched up with Köhler after the bike split and only had be defeated on the last 20 running kilometers. Knossalla finally finished second in 3: 50: 56.7 hours, Swiss Fabian Zehnder third (3: 58: 22.7).

In the women’s field, Kristina Ziemons (GER, DLC Achen) won the Ulmer competition and the German championship in 4: 25: 29.8 hours. The Frenchwoman Céline Bousrez was second (4: 28: 00.2), Katrin Esefeld (D, LG Mettenheim) in 4: 28: 17.5 third.

Winner at the Duathlon Short Distance (5km of running, 40km of cycling, 10km of running) are Christopher Drozda (Vancouver Endurance Club, Canada) in 02: 09: 13.0 hours and Fiona Ruf (Runners Point Ulm) in 2:26:21 ,7 hours.

For the organizers there was a lot of positive feedback for the smooth procedure.

„Super atmosphere, great race, I hope there is a Powerman event in Ulm also the next year. At this temperature, however, the distance could not have been longer, „said winner Felix Köhler.

„Great competition,“ enthused the freshly baked German duathlon champion Kristina Ziemons. „It was hot, but the conditions were the same for everyone. Great organization. It was my first duathlon over this distance. I was a bit nervous, but it was great. “

The bike times were better than in the last year, because the climbing Badberg in Thalfingen has fallen away and so the route was slightly easier. “During the second running, the temperature was at the limit. But overall, the organization team is very satisfied” said organizer Markus Ebener und Bernd Hummel.

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