Records here – disbelief there: 29th Powerman Zofingen 3rd of September 2017

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Congratulations for the anniversary. After 1997, 1998, 1999, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016 the ITU (International Triathlon Union) and the IPA (International Powerman Association) present in Zofingen for the tenth time together the ITU Powerman Long Distance Duathlon World Championships. This is only one of a few records which are already set at the 29th Powerman Zofingen. On the 3rd of September 2017 Emma Pooley from Great Britain and the Belgian Seppe Odeyn can try to defend their world championship title. It’s a tragedy that more and more top athletes in training sessions are hit by cars.

On one hand the anniversary on the other the sadness. With the German Julia Viellehner who had a tragical bike accident, a very sympathetic and successful athlet left us. With the retirement of the Dane Susanne Svendsen due to sanitary reasons, we will miss the biggest smile of the Powerman Zofingen. Because of heavy rains this July there will be slight changes on the most beautiful, well-known but also toughest duathlon track in the world (10 km running, 150 km cycling, 30 km running) on the 3rd of September 2017. 2014 and 2015 the duo Emma Pooley/Gaël Le Bellec made history. There was no duo before which won first as newcomers the world championship title and could defend it together in the following year. Both are at the starting line this year

Pooley for the fourth time

In the women’s race everything else than the fourth world championship title in a row for Emma Pooley would be a surprise. Being asked about her goal for Zofingen this year the lady from Great Britain, living near Zürich, just says: «Victory». Wherever she started this summer, Pooley most often has won, the ETU Powerman Middle Distance Duathlon European Championships in St. Wendel (Germany) included. The second place on the podium could catch Miriam Van Reijen. At her debut in Zofingen the Dutch lady became fifth and this time she wants to run the last 30 kilometers under the limit of two hours. This would be eleven minutes faster than she was last year. And 2016 she was almost four minutes faster on this section than Pooley. The German Katrin Esefeld could make it for third position.

Accidents on and on

In the last few years there are too many bad news in the summer time and they don’t seem to come to an end. This time Nina Brenn was the victim. «Last Thursday I was hit by a car and I will not be bale to start at the Powerman Zofingen next Sunday». The Swiss lady, wo became second last year, isn’t seriously injured. «I was lucky that I only had a rib contusion. But every step I take causes very much pain.» Before that accident Brenn was in a splendid form. A few weeks ago she celebrated her seventh gigathlon victory. The lady from Flims/Wildhaus wanted just to end «Top 5», but second place in Zofingen would have been reserved for her. So the other Swiss ladies like for instance Nina Zoller, Melanie Maurer or Martina Krähenbühl have to deliver a good result.

Many fourites in the men’s race

In the men’s race the initial situation is much more open than in the women’s race. You would expect a battle between the title holderSeppe Odeyn (Belgium) and the French Gaël Le Bellec, the world champion 2014 and 2015: «I want to win again», says Odeyn. Le Bellec is more modest. «I want to be on the podium.» This sounds logical if you know that the Frenchman was injured for a long time, couldn’t do any races at all and moreover on the 22nd of July 2016 became father of a boy called Orgyen. There are two more cracks being able to win in Zofingen. First of all the Dane Søren Bystrup, who finished third last year in Zofingen, but was injured in the beginning of the season: «After four bronze medals I want to win this time.» The German Felix Köhler last years second, just says: «A place on the podium in Zofingen would be fine.» Not only in Zofingen last year but also this year at the ETU Powerman Middle Distance European Championships in St. Wendel (Germany) the German was faster than the Dane. It’s a pity but it’s true: Every year an accident happens while practising. This time Köhler fell of the bike driving 90 kilometres per hour in the trainings camp in St. Moritz: «I had a lot of luck and could go on practising only a week after that. So for the Powerman Zofingen I will have to improvise a bit.» Talking about the Swiss competitors: Ronnie Schildknecht the new coach of Swiss Duathlon expects every member going to the starting line to finish top ten. So the Swiss cracks Andy Sutz, Marc Widmer, Fabian Zehnder, Rolf Wermelinger or Ueli Bieler know what they have to do next Sunday.

Many records

Already now a lot of records have come true. There are 5 percent more participants than last year at the same time. The magic border of 1500 participants could be reached. There are 37 nations at the starting line – a new record in the history of the Powerman Zofingen. Over the shortdistance it looks like there will be fort he first time more than 500 participants (single and relays). The Powerman Zofingen has for the first time more than 400 sponsors. The Powerman Zofingen on Facebook has 55‘000 likers, which means a new record and a plus of 21‘000 in the last twelve months. And the Swiss lady Maja Jacober from nearby Zurich who helds already now the women’s record of 16 finishes, on the 3rd of September 2017 could finish for the 17th time over the longdistance. Text: Raphael Galliker
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caption: The reigning vice world champion Nina Brenn (in front) on the 3rd of September 2017 won’t be able to prevent the Britain Emma Pooley from defending her title. A few days ago the Swiss power lady was hit by a car while practicing on the bike. Foto: Blende 8.5 Zofingen

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