Santiago Ascenço and Carol Furriela won Powerman Brasil 2017

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Indaiatuba (SP) – August 20th – After two days of heavy rain the sun came up just when it was more important and Sunday dawned with perfect weather for the third edition of Powerman Brazil, the first in the Indaiatuba. And after two 10km race legs interspersed by a demanding 60km cycling, Santiago Ascenço and Carol Furriela were crowned champions in the Classic distance, the most important of Powerman Brazil 2017.

Debuting in Powerman Brasil, Santiago Ascenço made an extremely technical course showing all his category. After strong start Iuri Vinuto opened the first 10 kilometers in the lead and left the first run ahead of the peloton composed by Santiago, Bruno Matheus and Nicholas Cruz. Already on the bike, Santiago was making the difference until he took the first position.

However, a mechanical problem caused Santiago to lose a few minutes and Iuri took the opportunity to take the lead again. Shortly after taking the lead again, Iuri also had problems on his bike and Santiago returned the lead by delivering the bike first in the T2, with just over two minutes of advantage for Iuri. Just behind came Nicholas and Bruno.

In the last stage of the race, Santiago made a very consistent running, controlling the pace well. After 2:52:10, he crossed the finish line in the first position, 1m45s ahead of Iuri. Bruno Matheus was third, Nicholas Cruz fourth and Cesar Moura fifth, completing the podium.

„Was pretty cool. Iuri comes from good results, but I knew it would be a long and hard race and it would not be in the first leg that would set the race. I had a problem with my bike and I thought I would abandon the race. It was a great event, very well organized. The coolest of all was getting to work on the unforeseen and returning well to the course. I was very pleased with the result, „said Santiago.

In Women Race the dispute was between Mariana Borges and Carol Furriela, repeating the duel of 2016 when Mariana won. Carol knew she would need to deliver the first race well, as Mariana has strong cycling, and that’s what she did. Furriela opened the 10 km of the race well ahead of Mariana, gaining ground in the T1. Mariana needed to get as much as possible on the bike, but could not reach Furriela, who hit her best cycling ever. Maria Vangela Souza completed the podium in third place.

With the lead secured on the second leg of the race, Carol managed the advantage well by closing the race at 3:22:03, almost eight minutes ahead of Mariana. „Last year I made a very strong first race and I ended up paying the price for it. This year I ran with strategy, because I knew that cycling would be very hard, but to my surprise I do better than expected on the bike. I made the best cycling of my life. This year was okay, even though I suffered a lot. This victory represents a lot to me. I came from a very serious injury and Powerman Brasil showed me that my performance is coming back, „celebrated Carol.


Talles Medeiros and Marina Jacob won Sprint category:

In the Sprint distance the winners were Talles Medeiros and Marina Jacob. Completing two 5-km running legs and a 30-km cycling, Talles adopted the same strategy as champion Santiago Ascenço, setting his lead in cycling. „I knew it was a long race and had to have a standard pace all the time. First race I did it and the bike, which is my strong point, was where I bet. I knew that if I gave up I had a good chance of winning, „said Talles.

Marina, did just the opposite. As a good runner, she has forced as much as she can on both legs of the race to secure the title. „My tactic was to keep the pace of the race strong and to leave the comfort zone in cycling,“ said the winner.


On Saturday the day was totally dedicated to children. Even with rain, the organization was able to adjust the course and the young talents showed that it has the sport in the vein. A lot of celebration with the children running at the Olympic Velodrome. In the end, besides the medals and celebrations, the most important was the presence of the families, who had a strong presence throughout the weekend in Indaiatuba.


Resultados – Powerman Brasil 2017:

Male – Classic:
1º – Santiago Ascenço – 2:52:10
2º – Iuri Vinuto – 2:53:51
3º – Bruno Matheus – 2:57:08

Female – Classic:
1ª Carol Furriela – 3:22:03
2ª Mariana Borges – 3:30:01
3ª Maria Vangela – 4:10:20

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