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Emma Pooley, the British lady living in Hausen am Albis in the canton Zurich and the Russian Maxim Kuzmin win on Sunday at the 29th Powerman Zofingen the 2017 ITU Powerman Long Distance Duathlon World Championships. Pooley sets a fabulous new record: She wins the world championship title for the fourth time in a row. She arrived 27 minutes in front of Miriam Van Reijen (NL), closely followed by Katrin Esefeld (GER). Best Swiss lady in fourth place was Nina Zoller (Chur). Kuzmin’s win, last year’s fifth, was a surprise for a lot of people. He finished about 85 seconds in front of last year’s winner Seppe Odeyn (Bel). Third place, as last year, went to Søren Bystrup (DEN). Best Swiss athlet became Rolf Wermelinger (Kirchenthurnen/BE) in sixth place. There was no new track record this year. Over all there where around 1‘300 competitors over the whole Powerman Zofingen weekend which was about one hundred less than in the last two years.


Text/picture: Raphael Galliker

Hundreds of pictures from Sunday you find here:…/72157688059612976/with/36856159931/
podium 29th Powerman Zofingen, 2017 Zofingen ITU Powerman Long Distance Duathlon World Championships (10 km running/150 km cycling/30 km running)

1. Maxim Kuzmin (RUS) 6:31.04,7. 2. Seppe Odeyn (BEL) 6:32.30,0. 3. Søren Bystrup (DEN) 6:34.52,7.

1. Emma Pooley (GBR) 7:21.04,7. 2. Miriam Van Reijen (NED) 7:48.19,9. 3. Katrin Esefeld (GER) 7:49.05,8.

Congratulations for the anniversary. After 1997, 1998, 1999, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016 the ITU (International Triathlon Union) and the IPA (International Powerman Association) present in Zofingen for the tenth time together the ITU Powerman Long Distance Duathlon World Championships. This is only one of a few records which are already set at the 29th Powerman Zofingen. On the 3rd of September 2017 Emma Pooley from Great Britain and the Belgian Seppe Odeyn can try to defend their world championship title. It’s a tragedy that more and more top athletes in training sessions are hit by cars.

On one hand the anniversary on the other the sadness. With the German Julia Viellehner who had a tragical bike accident, a very sympathetic and successful athlet left us. With the retirement of the Dane Susanne Svendsen due to sanitary reasons, we will miss the biggest smile of the Powerman Zofingen. Because of heavy rains this July there will be slight changes on the most beautiful, well-known but also toughest duathlon track in the world (10 km running, 150 km cycling, 30 km running) on the 3rd of September 2017. 2014 and 2015 the duo Emma Pooley/Gaël Le Bellec made history. There was no duo before which won first as newcomers the world championship title and could defend it together in the following year. Both are at the starting line this year

Pooley for the fourth time

In the women’s race everything else than the fourth world championship title in a row for Emma Pooley would be a surprise. Being asked about her goal for Zofingen this year the lady from Great Britain, living near Zürich, just says: «Victory». Wherever she started this summer, Pooley most often has won, the ETU Powerman Middle Distance Duathlon European Championships in St. Wendel (Germany) included. The second place on the podium could catch Miriam Van Reijen. At her debut in Zofingen the Dutch lady became fifth and this time she wants to run the last 30 kilometers under the limit of two hours. This would be eleven minutes faster than she was last year. And 2016 she was almost four minutes faster on this section than Pooley. The German Katrin Esefeld could make it for third position.

Accidents on and on

In the last few years there are too many bad news in the summer time and they don’t seem to come to an end. This time Nina Brenn was the victim. «Last Thursday I was hit by a car and I will not be bale to start at the Powerman Zofingen next Sunday». The Swiss lady, wo became second last year, isn’t seriously injured. «I was lucky that I only had a rib contusion. But every step I take causes very much pain.» Before that accident Brenn was in a splendid form. A few weeks ago she celebrated her seventh gigathlon victory. The lady from Flims/Wildhaus wanted just to end «Top 5», but second place in Zofingen would have been reserved for her. So the other Swiss ladies like for instance Nina Zoller, Melanie Maurer or Martina Krähenbühl have to deliver a good result.

Many fourites in the men’s race

In the men’s race the initial situation is much more open than in the women’s race. You would expect a battle between the title holderSeppe Odeyn (Belgium) and the French Gaël Le Bellec, the world champion 2014 and 2015: «I want to win again», says Odeyn. Le Bellec is more modest. «I want to be on the podium.» This sounds logical if you know that the Frenchman was injured for a long time, couldn’t do any races at all and moreover on the 22nd of July 2016 became father of a boy called Orgyen. There are two more cracks being able to win in Zofingen. First of all the Dane Søren Bystrup, who finished third last year in Zofingen, but was injured in the beginning of the season: «After four bronze medals I want to win this time.» The German Felix Köhler last years second, just says: «A place on the podium in Zofingen would be fine.» Not only in Zofingen last year but also this year at the ETU Powerman Middle Distance European Championships in St. Wendel (Germany) the German was faster than the Dane. It’s a pity but it’s true: Every year an accident happens while practising. This time Köhler fell of the bike driving 90 kilometres per hour in the trainings camp in St. Moritz: «I had a lot of luck and could go on practising only a week after that. So for the Powerman Zofingen I will have to improvise a bit.» Talking about the Swiss competitors: Ronnie Schildknecht the new coach of Swiss Duathlon expects every member going to the starting line to finish top ten. So the Swiss cracks Andy Sutz, Marc Widmer, Fabian Zehnder, Rolf Wermelinger or Ueli Bieler know what they have to do next Sunday.

Many records

Already now a lot of records have come true. There are 5 percent more participants than last year at the same time. The magic border of 1500 participants could be reached. There are 37 nations at the starting line – a new record in the history of the Powerman Zofingen. Over the shortdistance it looks like there will be fort he first time more than 500 participants (single and relays). The Powerman Zofingen has for the first time more than 400 sponsors. The Powerman Zofingen on Facebook has 55‘000 likers, which means a new record and a plus of 21‘000 in the last twelve months. And the Swiss lady Maja Jacober from nearby Zurich who helds already now the women’s record of 16 finishes, on the 3rd of September 2017 could finish for the 17th time over the longdistance. Text: Raphael Galliker
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caption: The reigning vice world champion Nina Brenn (in front) on the 3rd of September 2017 won’t be able to prevent the Britain Emma Pooley from defending her title. A few days ago the Swiss power lady was hit by a car while practicing on the bike. Foto: Blende 8.5 Zofingen

Here you have the media download with all the informations:

Here you find the pictures of the media conference of the 29th Powerman Zofingen on the 28th of August 2017:

Here you find the live Facebook video of the media conferende of the 29th Powerman Zofingen on the 28th of August 2017:

Here you find the new video of the cycling track of the 29th Powerman Zofingen:

Indaiatuba (SP) – August 20th – After two days of heavy rain the sun came up just when it was more important and Sunday dawned with perfect weather for the third edition of Powerman Brazil, the first in the Indaiatuba. And after two 10km race legs interspersed by a demanding 60km cycling, Santiago Ascenço and Carol Furriela were crowned champions in the Classic distance, the most important of Powerman Brazil 2017.

Debuting in Powerman Brasil, Santiago Ascenço made an extremely technical course showing all his category. After strong start Iuri Vinuto opened the first 10 kilometers in the lead and left the first run ahead of the peloton composed by Santiago, Bruno Matheus and Nicholas Cruz. Already on the bike, Santiago was making the difference until he took the first position.

However, a mechanical problem caused Santiago to lose a few minutes and Iuri took the opportunity to take the lead again. Shortly after taking the lead again, Iuri also had problems on his bike and Santiago returned the lead by delivering the bike first in the T2, with just over two minutes of advantage for Iuri. Just behind came Nicholas and Bruno.

In the last stage of the race, Santiago made a very consistent running, controlling the pace well. After 2:52:10, he crossed the finish line in the first position, 1m45s ahead of Iuri. Bruno Matheus was third, Nicholas Cruz fourth and Cesar Moura fifth, completing the podium.

„Was pretty cool. Iuri comes from good results, but I knew it would be a long and hard race and it would not be in the first leg that would set the race. I had a problem with my bike and I thought I would abandon the race. It was a great event, very well organized. The coolest of all was getting to work on the unforeseen and returning well to the course. I was very pleased with the result, „said Santiago.

In Women Race the dispute was between Mariana Borges and Carol Furriela, repeating the duel of 2016 when Mariana won. Carol knew she would need to deliver the first race well, as Mariana has strong cycling, and that’s what she did. Furriela opened the 10 km of the race well ahead of Mariana, gaining ground in the T1. Mariana needed to get as much as possible on the bike, but could not reach Furriela, who hit her best cycling ever. Maria Vangela Souza completed the podium in third place.

With the lead secured on the second leg of the race, Carol managed the advantage well by closing the race at 3:22:03, almost eight minutes ahead of Mariana. „Last year I made a very strong first race and I ended up paying the price for it. This year I ran with strategy, because I knew that cycling would be very hard, but to my surprise I do better than expected on the bike. I made the best cycling of my life. This year was okay, even though I suffered a lot. This victory represents a lot to me. I came from a very serious injury and Powerman Brasil showed me that my performance is coming back, „celebrated Carol.


Talles Medeiros and Marina Jacob won Sprint category:

In the Sprint distance the winners were Talles Medeiros and Marina Jacob. Completing two 5-km running legs and a 30-km cycling, Talles adopted the same strategy as champion Santiago Ascenço, setting his lead in cycling. „I knew it was a long race and had to have a standard pace all the time. First race I did it and the bike, which is my strong point, was where I bet. I knew that if I gave up I had a good chance of winning, „said Talles.

Marina, did just the opposite. As a good runner, she has forced as much as she can on both legs of the race to secure the title. „My tactic was to keep the pace of the race strong and to leave the comfort zone in cycling,“ said the winner.


On Saturday the day was totally dedicated to children. Even with rain, the organization was able to adjust the course and the young talents showed that it has the sport in the vein. A lot of celebration with the children running at the Olympic Velodrome. In the end, besides the medals and celebrations, the most important was the presence of the families, who had a strong presence throughout the weekend in Indaiatuba.


Resultados – Powerman Brasil 2017:

Male – Classic:
1º – Santiago Ascenço – 2:52:10
2º – Iuri Vinuto – 2:53:51
3º – Bruno Matheus – 2:57:08

Female – Classic:
1ª Carol Furriela – 3:22:03
2ª Mariana Borges – 3:30:01
3ª Maria Vangela – 4:10:20

The second Powerman Duathlon in Germany 2017 has hosted some 200 participants. Ulm was again the open German championship on the long distance Duathlon, which was decided around the river Danube. Felix Köhler (GER, TV Grenzach) won the long distance (10 km of running, 80 km of bike, 20 km of running) in 3: 48: 00.0 hours, thereby securing his first title as German champion. Köhler was hard pressed by german fellow Matthias Knossalla (Trivolution Action Crew / Wiesbaden). With the fastest cycling time, he nearly catched up with Köhler after the bike split and only had be defeated on the last 20 running kilometers. Knossalla finally finished second in 3: 50: 56.7 hours, Swiss Fabian Zehnder third (3: 58: 22.7).

In the women’s field, Kristina Ziemons (GER, DLC Achen) won the Ulmer competition and the German championship in 4: 25: 29.8 hours. The Frenchwoman Céline Bousrez was second (4: 28: 00.2), Katrin Esefeld (D, LG Mettenheim) in 4: 28: 17.5 third.

Winner at the Duathlon Short Distance (5km of running, 40km of cycling, 10km of running) are Christopher Drozda (Vancouver Endurance Club, Canada) in 02: 09: 13.0 hours and Fiona Ruf (Runners Point Ulm) in 2:26:21 ,7 hours.

For the organizers there was a lot of positive feedback for the smooth procedure.

„Super atmosphere, great race, I hope there is a Powerman event in Ulm also the next year. At this temperature, however, the distance could not have been longer, „said winner Felix Köhler.

„Great competition,“ enthused the freshly baked German duathlon champion Kristina Ziemons. „It was hot, but the conditions were the same for everyone. Great organization. It was my first duathlon over this distance. I was a bit nervous, but it was great. “

The bike times were better than in the last year, because the climbing Badberg in Thalfingen has fallen away and so the route was slightly easier. “During the second running, the temperature was at the limit. But overall, the organization team is very satisfied” said organizer Markus Ebener und Bernd Hummel.

Sankt Wendel awoke on Sunday morning to clear blue skies, sunshine and temperatures rising to a very nice 20C. It was the Elite Women who lined up first for the start. Although not European Champion, it was Great Britain’s, Emma Pooley who was a clear race favourite. Her immense power on the bike and her ability to run strong off the bike, added to her three world titles, won in Zofingen, mean that she was the one to beat. Norfolk-based Pedal Revolution set up her new Bond Bike and despite not having had the chance to really put it to the test, she was cool and confident in the pre-race atmosphere. Defending title holder, from Switzerland and also with a fine Zofingen background, comes Nina Brenn. Brenn’s victory in Copenhagen was on a very different course to Sankt Wendel and indeed many athletes were suggesting that Sankt Wendel was like the first course, with Zofingen being the main course. On home soil, Germany’s Katrin Esefeld, with domination in the German long-distance duathlon championships and Dutch athlete Miriam van Reijen looked like the major threat to Pooley.

The first run was a two-lap, 10k with the athletes having a massive climb on each lap, sharp descents and a dead-turn in the main arena. It was no surprise to hear Emma Pooley’ name being called out after one lap but she was not alone. Alongside her was Austria’s Sandrina Illes and in fact after the 10k, it was Illes who led Pooley into T1 by a pace. Very swift change from run to bike and it was Illes who led out onto the bike course but just behind her and still looking very relaxed, was the British World Champion. Van Reijen came in next, about a minute and half down and then came the British athlete Dionne Allen who moved up to the Elite ranks after a very successful year of racing both duathlon and triathlon as an Age Group athlete.

Out onto the bike and very soon Pooley had pulled up to, overtaken and pulled away from the Austrian athlete but Illes was not going to give up and whilst not being able to match the pace of the Brit she nevertheless stayed in contention. Brenn came into T1 in tenth but once out on the bike she started to press her advantage and strength on two wheels and was soon moving up. No surprise that Pooley managed 1:58 over the 60k but behind her and really having the race of her life was Laura Zimmermann GER. Her initial 10k took her into T1 in 5th place and she build upon that performance to establish a solid base for the final 10k. She came into T2 just behind Illes, whose early run had been enough to give her 2:41:56 for the first run and bike. Zimmermann’s 2:42:02 was close but could she find anything for the home crowds?

Pooley out on the final run, again two laps, looked good as she came to complete her first lap and Illes had kept ahead of Zimmermann over the first 5k. To the cheering crowds, Pooley came home in 3:19:38 to take the European Title. She had to wait nine minutes before she was joined on the finish line but it was not Illes. Zimmermann had dug deep over the final 5k and had delivered the best race of her life to take silver in 3:28:49 and Illes, with her best performance ever, took bronze in 3:29:55.

After the race Pooley was full of praise for the support given to the athletes around the course and for the design of the run and bike courses. Zimmermann was just delighted and soaked up the cheers and adulations from the German crowds. Illes seemed just a little surprised. She had beaten some seriously strong athletes to take the podium and after the two fifth places last year, this bronze medal must shine very bright for her.

Amongst the Elite Men, we had World Champion, both Seppe Odeyn BEL but racing over this much shorter course, would he have that speed necessary to hold off the challenges from Denmark’s Søren Bystrup and, here on home soil, the former Age Group athlete, Felix Köhler so impressed the German Federation with his Age Group gold in Zofingen in 2015 that he was promoted to the Elite ranks . His silver there in 2016 just behind Odeyn secured his place in the Elite ranks and he was really going to be someone to watch.

The first 10k was run at 34:44 pace and the athletes were led into T1 by guest athlete from Bahrain, winner of the Gold medal at the 2016 Sharm El Sheikh ATU Duathlon African Championships and Pan Arab Duathlon Championships, Moussa Karich. His pace was matched by Frenchman Benjamin Choquert. The two looked strong as they raced through transition and were almost a minute ahead of Köhler and Spain’s Pablo Martín López. His 4th last year in Zofingen meant that he had the stamina and power to cope with the bike course. These four athletes were ahead of a pack who raced into T1 and with amazing speed and professionalism, moved from run mode to bike mode in the blink of an eye. Amongst them was Odeyn and Bystrup but also Fabian Zehnder SUI and Frenchman Anthony Le Duey, who, aged 43 is still racing with the best.

The bike course was the test we expected and positions changed. With the fastest bike split of 1:39:34, it was Bystrup who moved in to pole position but behind him were many athletes who would do their best to prevent him from winning gold. Amongst them of course, was the fast-running Choquert who had suffered a little on the bike and who came into T2 with work to do. A momentary lapse of concentration cost one athlete a time penalty of one minute out on the run course as he opened his helmet before racking his bike. Such a mistake was a costly one and his final run time took him way down the rankings.

Out at the front, Bystrup was pushing hard to hold the lead and with just over a minute lead he came into the stadium for the turn to see that Köhler had eaten into the lead. Martín López was running free and looked good for the podium too and as we looked down the long run into the stadium, where the athletes still had 200m on the tartan track to run to the massive finish arch, the red race uniform of Denmark’s Bystrup was clear to see but ahead of it was the Schwarz, Rot, Gold of the German uniform and inside that uniform was a massive smile attached to Köhler. The crowds were cheering loudly as he rounded the top end of the running track and came home to take the tile. A journey from Age Group athlete to Elite silver medal winner in Zofingen to European Champion was complete.

Behind him Denmark’s Bystrup was a beaten man but one with a silver medal. Choquert pulled out a fantastic final run of 35:15 to round off the podium but Martín López made a fatal error by missing the lane to the finish and leaving the course.

Amongst the Para athletes it was Spain’s Rafa Solís who took up the challenge and raced the immensely tough course. After a very successful season in 2016; racing Winter Triathlon, Cross Duathlon and Duathlon, he began the 2017 season with a gold in Otepää on the snow and a silver in Soria.

The top three athletes all went under three hours on a course that truly challenged everyone. The sun was still shining and the Age Group Athletes were not far away. We will cover their performances over the next couple of days.

For the full Elite Results, please check the event website

This weekend is the first of the big tests for our long-distance athletes. Athletes from all over Europe will be making their way to the North-eastern Saarland city of Sankt Wendel for the 2017 Sankt Wendel ETU Powerman Middle Distance Duathlon European Championships. Just south of Trier, not far from Metz and just above Saarbrücken. This is not a new venue at all and over the years some truly great racing has been seen here. Read here more…

Nakhon Nayok, 22 January 2017 – The beautiful morning weather by the world’s largest and longest roller compacted concrete dam, the Khun Dan Prakan Chon Dam, marked a fantastic day when the starting gun of the inaugural Powerman Thailand was shot to the skies. World top duathletes and hundreds of multi-sport enthusiasts ran through the starting line to race for the country’s first Powerman title. In the end, it was The Netherland’s Thomas Bruins and Hungary’s Anna Eberhardt-Halasz that bagged the top spots for both Powerman male and female elite category with a completion time of 2:45:14 and 3:03:39 respectively. The podium continued to be taken by Great Britain’s Ritchie Nicholls and Russia’s Ivan Vlasenko for the male elite category, while Japan’s Airi Sawada and Iran’s Mandana Dehghan Manshadi swept the second and third spot for the female elite category.

“The first Powerman in Thailand was an eye opener, especially the picturesque view of Nakhon Nayok. The refreshing and energising environment fueled my confidence to contend for the podium, and I am happy with the outcome as the first champion of the race. Based on my observation, I am surprised by the turnout and the quality of the participants,” said Thomas.

Powerman female elite category winner Anna stated that the competition was intense despite having it in a new host city. “Racing to the top was steep with challengers tailing closely. But through perseverance, I manage to overcome all the difficulties and led the race. Joining Powerman in a new country was exciting and learning curve for me.”

Four categories were available for participants of different fitness level: Powerman Classic and Classic Relay (10KM – 60KM – 10KM), and the Powerman Short and Short Relay (5KM – 30KM – 5KM). The run-bike-run race format requires athletes to be at their top physical and mental level to compete for the race. Top three winners of each individual category and the champions for the relay categories were presented with a golden ticket each to participate in the upcoming 2017 Putrajaya ASTC Powerman Middle Distance Duathlon Asian Championships on Sunday, 5 March 2017, at Putrajaya, Malaysia.

The race is organised by E-Plus Entertainment Productions (Thailand) Co. Ltd., a company under the E-Plus Group of Companies. Managing Director Iskandar Shahril said that the growth of the industry would continue to attract local sports enthusiasts to participate. “We are pleased with the outcome of the first Powerman race in Thailand was smoothly conducted. The future of the race in this country is bright, and we foresee that Powerman Thailand would continue to propel and one day become a household name among the community.”

John Raadschelders, President of the International Powerman Association, agreed on this matter as the race has embarked on attracting more athletes to participate. “Having a new host country on our calendar is a great beginning for a new year. The Powerman World Series will see further expansion and growth with this momentum.”

The Powerman World Series in Southeast Asia will continue in Indonesia on 18 and 19 February 2017, and Malaysia on 4 and 5 March 2017.

Powerman Thailand is organised by E-Plus Entertainment Productions (Thailand) Co. Ltd, supported by the Ministry of Tourism & Sports Thailand, Royal Irrigation Department of Thailand, Optima Bike, The EmQuartier Shopping Complex, 100PLUS, CP-Meiji High Protein, SportsMall, The Pizza Company, Dever Energy Gel, and F2P.


For more information and announcements, follow us on our Facebook at Powerman Nakhon Nayok – Thailand.

Race Results:

Powerman Elite Category


Male Elite

Pos Race No Name Country Official Run1 T1 Cycle T2 Run2
1 1 Thomas Bruins  




00:37:19 00:00:41 01:27:37 00:00:40 00:38:56
2 7 Ritchie Nicholls  




00:37:18 00:00:38 01:29:25 00:00:39 00:38:44
3 2 Ivan Vlasenko  




00:37:34 00:00:58 01:29:26 00:00:57 00:41:46
4 5 Joey Delos Reyes  




00:38:25 00:00:37 01:28:54 00:00:43 00:45:16
5 14 Aleksandr Dorovskikh  




00:41:19 00:00:49 01:26:32 00:00:51 00:46:44


Female Elite

Pos Race No Name Country Official Run1 T1 Cycle T2 Run2
1 12 Anna Eberhardt-Halasz Hungary 3:03:39 00:43:12 00:00:39 01:32:21 00:00:42 00:46:43
2 11 Airi Sawada Japan 3:15:45 00:42:56 00:00:46 01:43:49 00:00:51 00:47:21
3 13 Mandana Dehghan Manshadi Iran 3:225:49 00:45:00 00:00:46 01:45:29 00:00:54 00:53:38




E-Plus Entertainment Productions (Thailand) Co. Ltd.
43 Soi Sabai-Jai, Sutthisarn Road Samsennok, Huai-Kwang, Bangkok 10310, Thailand


For all media inquiries, please contact our Media Centre:

Sim Teong Eu
Corporate Communications Manager

E-Plus Entertainment Productions (Thailand) Co. Ltd.
+6016 215 2328

Sankt Wendel. If you are a duathlete you will most certainly have herd of this place and may even have raced here. Well, make a note in your diary for May 21st, 2017 because that is where you can race long at the 2017 ETU Powerman Duathlon Long DistanceEuropean Championships. It was back in 1998 that the World Duathlon Championships were held here. Titles that year went to Yann Millon (FRA) and Irma Heeren (NED). Who will grab the titles in 2017? Well, if you want to be in with a chance then you need to register with your National Federation. Click the picture below to see the video from 2016.

Sankt Wendel is easy to get to. Just over the border from Luxembourg, you can easily drive there from most European locations and with airports not so far away offering easy access the event is opened up to athletes from all over Europe.

Matthias Zöll, CEO for the Deutsche Triathlon Union„Of course we are happy to welcome the European long distance Duathletes in Germany after we already hosted the standard distance Duathlon Championships in 2016. St.Wendel with its tradition as an excellent event organizer as they hosted already Worlds in duathlon and cross country cycling is a perfect choice of ETU to guarantee a spectacular European Championship in 2017. We are also looking forward to St.Wendel as it will be also the start of the year where German Age Groupers can perform on home soil as the European Sprint Championships on 24th & 25th of June are just around the corner.“

Renato Bertrandi, President of the European Triathlon Union said, „With this great news we can now finalise our Championship Calendar. Sankt Wendel has seen some of our best duathletes race and has been a venue for run, bike, run for over 20 years now. An incredibly beautiful location that offers elite and age group athletes an easy to get to race venue and a challenge worthy of a championship medal. I welcome once more the chance to deliver, with Powerman, a quality event. Please make a note in your diary for 21st May, 2017.“

John Raadschelders, President of the International Powerman Association said, „This is the place to be. Sankt Wendel is no easy event to race but it is so easy to get to. For me it is a short drive from the Netherlands and for athletes from Germany, Belgium, France and even Great Britain and Italy, it is a location that you can drive to. There is so much to see and do here for the family too. Lots of really nice hotels and restaurants. What we want to do with our cooperation between Powerman, ETU, city of Sankt Wendel and the host National Federation is to provide all athletes and their families with not just a race but a real experience. I have been inundated over recent weeks will mails and calls asking where the 2017 Long Distance Duathlon Championship will be held. It seems that every year the interest is increasing. With the championships being held in Sankt Wendel in 2017, our great sport of duathlon can only get bigger and better. Are you tough enough to Be There?  I’m Looking forward to meeting you all in Sankt Wendel“



Mittwoch, 02 November 2016 by

image-2 image-3

Powerman Asia Duathlon Championships 2017 Returns to Putrajaya, Promotes Malaysia as a Regional Sports Hub


Kuala Lumpur, 25 October 2016 – The world’s largest duathlon race in the Powerman series, Powerman Asia Duathlon Championships, will return to Putrajaya on Sunday, 5 March 2017 with greater expectation on foreign participation. Organised by E-Plus Global Sdn Bhd, over 3,000 local and foreign participants including top global athletes, multi-sport elites and enthusiasts are expected to take part in the run-bike-run race.

Powerman, the pinnacle for duathlon competition globally, is the platform for ardent runners and cyclists to progress and master both sports. The championships held in Putrajaya last March upon a two-year hiatus witnessed the tremendous growth of duathletes in the region, with a record-breaking number of 2,645 participants starting the race, breaking the Malaysia Book of Records for the ‘Largest Participation of Duathlon Championships’ in Malaysia.

“The proliferation of multi-sport athletes in the region is evident due to a growing trend in the multi-sports segment. Powerman is an accessible event for athletes to pursue a greater path by mastering an integrated sport. Putrajaya is one of the admired locations to host Powerman with its picturesque landscape and well-equipped social amenities, giving participants a world-class championship,” said Barbara Lam, Managing Director of E-Plus Entertainment Productions (M) Sdn Bhd.

Four adult categories namely the Individual Classic and Team Relay Classic (10km – 60km – 10km), and the Individual Short and Team Relay Short (5km – 30km – 5km), are available for registration.

“Powerman is a great stepping stone for regular runners and cyclists go beyond their limits. The four selected categories is specially catered to participants of different levels, from newcomers to seasoned enthusiasts. I welcome all single sport athletes to take part in Powerman as the new ground to explore and test their limits.”

Interested participants can register at


Grassroots Programme for Kids

Powerkids, the newly introduced duathlon programme for children aged between 5 and 12, is part of the Asia Championship’s expansion to nurture talented and budding multi-sport athletes. To be launched in December 2016, the grassroots activity is about the joy of movement and the first experience for children to engage in a multi-sport event. This will be the championship’s pilot initiative to introduce a programme for children.

Powerkids is composed of three age categories: 5 to 7-year-old (0.4km – 1km – 0.4km), 8 to 10-year-old (0.8km – 2km – 0.8km), and 11 to 12-year-old (1.2km – 3km – 1.2km).

“Grooming new talent requires training from a young age. Powerkids provides the exposure for kids to learn, grow and compete. Having been successfully implemented in many European races, parents – especially those who are already Powerman duathletes themselves – may consider this opportunity to expose their children to the sports that they do,” said Iskandar Shahril, Race Director of Powerman Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand.


Powerman Drives Sports Tourism in Malaysia

Dubbed as one of the premier endurance multi-sports race in the region, Powerman remained as one of the preferred races in the sports calendar. The Powerman Asia Duathlon Championship 2016 last March recorded more than 30 percent of foreign participation from more than 39 nationalities, with the greatest number from Singapore.

“Malaysia’s transformation into a regional sports hub is evident. Over the years, we have witnessed a tremendous number of foreigners visiting the country to participate in various sporting events held all over Malaysia. Powerman is one example of an event that reflects Malaysia’s capabilities and capacities in organising major sporting events, which drives international participations, while generating high yield tourism receipts,” said Tony Nagamaiah, General Manager of Malaysia Major Events, a division of Malaysia Convention & Exhibition Bureau (MyCEB), an agency under the Ministry of Tourism and Culture.

Hosting major sports event brings great benefits to a city, including raising the host’s profile and increasing tourism dollars.  Primary tourism industries like the hospitality services, food and beverage are some of the businesses that will directly benefit from Powerman.

“The championship’s schedule will ensure a minimum overnight stay in Putrajaya. We are aiming to be the largest multi-sport event next year, and play a bigger role in importing tourists. With the latest inclusion of Powerman races in Thailand and Indonesia, the increasing demand will contribute towards the prestige of the Asia championships,” added Barbara.

The organiser will also increase its efforts overseas to boost foreign participation. Promotions have taken place in Switzerland and Thailand, while plans are in place for Singapore and Indonesia.

The nation’s federal administrative centre has also confirmed its inclusion of Powerman Asia Duathlon Championships 2017 as part of its month long Federal Territory celebrations from next year. “Powerman is a renowned global brand. Its past record has proven to drive positive benefits to Putrajaya’s local businesses. We foresee that this inclusion will bring greater economic impact,” noted Mohammad bin Salleh, Community Service Director, Perbadanan Putrajaya.


Powerman, The Platform for Sports Marketing

The growing sports industry in Malaysia has turned into a main profit generation for the country and participating corporations. Businesses leveraging on major international races are more likely to benefit by reaching out to its target audience through marketing strategies that can be activated prior to, during and post-race.

“Our programme is flexible and tailored not only for participants, but also for Multi-national Corporation and small and medium enterprises seeking for an effective path to grow their businesses locally and internationally. The association with Powerman will not only allow corporations to vie for brand positioning, but a chance to expand their businesses,” noted Barbara.

Powerman Expo and lucky draws are some of the exciting programme line-ups for participants during their race pack collection a day prior to the race.

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Photo Captions:

Image 1: (L-R) Muhammad Syafiq Rusli; Barbara Lam, Managing Director, E-Plus Entertainment Productions (M) Sdn Bhd; Tony Nagamaiah, General Manager, Malaysia Major Events; Mohammad bin Salleh, Community Service Director, Perbadanan Putrajaya; Iskandar Shahril, Race Director for Powerman Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia; and Shahrom Abdullah


Image 2: (L-R) Barbara Lam, Managing Director, E-Plus Entertainment Productions (M) Sdn Bhd; Mohammad bin Salleh, Community Service Director, Perbadanan Putrajaya; Tony Nagamaiah, General Manager of Malaysia Major Events; and Iskandar Shahril, Race Director for Powerman Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia, delivering their speeches at the Powerman Asia Duathlon Championships 2017 – Malaysia’s press conference.


Image 3: (L-R) Muhammad Syafiq Rusli, second runner up for the 2016 Zofingen ITU Powerman Long Distance Duathlon World Championships; Shahrom Abdullah, professional multi-sport athlete; and Iskandar Shahril, Race Director for Powerman Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia, discussing on the training regimes required by participants in preparation for the 2017 race. 



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E-Plus Entertainment Productions (Thailand) Co., Limited Introduces World’s Largest Duathlon Series
in the Land of Smiles.

Nakhon Nayok, 13 October 2016 – Following on to the phenomenal surge of multi-sport races in Asia, the number of duathlete enthusiasts swell in the region, leading to the introduction of Powerman Nakhon Nayok Thailand, a run-bike-run world-series happening on Sunday, 22 January 2017. The inaugural race expects to receive over 1,500 registrants from across the region.

Nakhon Nayok is one of the central provinces of Thailand. Located approximately 116 kilometers north-east of Bangkok, the province is easily accessible from the country’s capital. Filled with an abundance of nature’s beauty, the province also offers modern amenities and social infrastructure. In addition, high quality roads and array of hotels provided, will leave a deep impression to participants who will be participating in the picturesque city.

With the strong support by the provincial government to advance sports tourism, participants can look forward to a memorable race and a unique getaway. “The robust growth of duathletes in Asia led to the debut of Powerman Nakhon Nayok Thailand. We are keen that Powerman will captivate the local market, especially with the surge of interests in running and cycling. We saw the opportunity and took immediate action to introduce the world’s most competitive duathlon in Thailand. This is our first event in the country, and more major-scaled events can be expected in the future,” said Iskandar Shahril, Managing Director, E-Plus Entertainment Productions (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Four categories namely the Individual Classic and Team Relay Classic (10km – 60km – 10km), and the Individual Short and Team Relay Short (5km – 30km – 5km), will be open for registration starting Thursday, 13 October 2016.

Powerman, the premier label for long-distance duathlons, is hosted in over 15 cities across four continents, with a total participation of over 25,000 contestants worldwide. Powerman Nakhon Nayok Thailand will be latest addition to the series.

To register or for more information, visit or follow us on Facebook Powerman Nakhon Nayok – Thailand.